Our customers tell you their personal experience of using our products and our simplified jamaican cooking bible…. 

'After using Jerk Rub recently followed by Jamaican curry on another occasion from the sample packs of Jamaican seasoning produced by The Ja Joint Brisbane Food/Grocery outlet. I am very happy to report that Jamaicans here in Australia can now relax knowing that their taste buds will not thirst as there is authentic Jamaican ingredients available here in Australia to rival seasoning from "back a yard". The Ja Joint product is endorsed by Marco Breakenridge - Hon Consulate for Jamaica in Australia'
Marco Breakenridge
'Just had Ja Joint BBQ sauce on a steak for dinner and just thought I'd give ya some feed back.... On jerk chicken or steak that sauce is DA BOMB!!!! You rock my world, keep up the good work'
Greg Smart
'Just got to say - we cooked up some of the jerk chicken using your wicked spice mix last night, with some rice and peas on the side and your bbq sauce, and MAN it was delicious! Proper tasty! Now I just need to lay my hands on one of them drums to make a smoker...Big up every time Carly and crew, be seeing you on the shelf'
John, Champion Sound
'The authentic curry powder we ordered was amazing! we followed your simple recipes and was an instant hit with me and my partner - thank you Tha Ja Joint'
Stacey Yang
'So....I made the curry tonight for the fam and it was incredible. Used chicken and added 3 tablespoons and it was perfection! We love veggies in our curry so cooked it with carrot capsicum onion chucked in some left over pineapple and served it with beans and rice. Thank you for such wonderful products...Jamaican soul food is new to this household but it's definitely going to be a favourite!'
Bianca Smart
'With a Caribbean husband here in Australia, I am always scouting for great flavours to bring him a taste of home... what a great discovery The Ja Joint jerk rub has been..distinctive Jamaican flavours made easy! Your spice has made it into most of our meals since our pouch arrived in the post. Thanks The Ja Joint and keep it coming!'
Jillian Patterson
'The Ja joints curry mix .. Awesome! Would definitely recommend'
Nicola Jane Farrell
'I have had heaps of experience with store bought, packet spice mixes in my Jerking time. I love slow cooking, bbqing, rotisserising and have never been an happier Jerker than I am now, with The Ja Joint jerk, curry mixes and jamaican sauce. You could spend days perfecting the subtle Jerk or weeks working on a more robust, spicy Jerk or you could just buy a packet of this goodness and use your time much more wisely... like drinking beer'
Dom Swang