The Jamaican Experience



Limited spaces for confirmed dates…
Held on third Saturday of every month – 6:30pm – 9:30pm – Secret outdoor location TBC
The Ja Joint combines Jamaican food and music in a pop up dining experience held in beautiful nature spots around Queensland.
The experience is centered around the tribal foundations of community, locally sourced Jamaican ingredience, musicians, created in incredible nature spots.
On the third Saturday of every month we present a unique 4-6 course long table degustation. Diners get to interact with new people, learn about the cuisine and culture in a highly interactive enviroment. We encourage all diners to oberve the cooking and plating throughout the night.
Diners will be treated to typical high nutitional Jamaican ingredience such as cassava, ackee, pimento, scotch bonnet chilli, coco bread, saltfish, plantain.
This intimate special dinner is not to be missed.
$160 pp includes two welcome drinks, 4- 6 degustation courses and live music.
20 people maxium per event. Secret outdoor location disclosed 24 hours before event.
The Jamaican Experience is hosted by founder Carly Day & her crew. The events are inspired to bring coolness, authenticity, cultural blending and energy back into dining.
Please note which month you are booking when completing order