Last year, we went back to Jamaica and got to experience the culture on which this whole brand is based. We ate at some of the best restaurants and got to experience the true, authentic Jamaica through food; most of our diet during our time there was vegan (AKA ital in Jamaican).

Ital is a big part of the Rastafarian culture, with a few universal rules and each Rasta varying Ital as their own. One major part of Ital is abstaining from eating meat, in line with Rastafarian beliefs regarding natural living.
However, Rastafarianism encompasses more than just your diet: it is a way of life. It is how you treat people, and it is how you treat yourself. The dietary restrictions of a Rasta are a part of this way of life; they do not drink alcohol excessively and don’t eat any animals, and a lot also don’t eat any dairy leading to a vegan lifestyle.
Dreadlocks are another huge part of Rastafari culture, with it being said that dreadlocks represent two things: firstly, they represent a lion’s mane, and secondly, they represent Yeshua (Jesus) in his Kingly Character. Rastas believe in so much more than what we have realised in Western culture; Rastafarianism is a whole religious movement that is about natural living and rejecting the materialism and oppression as seen in the West.
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