Carly Day, Founder of The Ja Joint explains her mission to connect cultures and socio-demographics in Australia through food and musical theatre. 

Our Story

The Ja Joint’s understanding of Jamaican cooking and music stems from Carly’s family in St Ann, Jamaica. Her great grandma Violet Rattray pictured here who still resides in St Ann. Jamaican’s are survivors. Survivors of corruption, pain and wrong doings of human behaviour. As with most cultures that have experienced this, they turn to food and music for healing. The pure powers of connectivity of mankind.

Carly grew up in the UK and travelled to Australia in 2006 and fell in love with the grassroots society that values integrity, character, humour and tenacity and knew she would settle in Australia. The journey of finding ‘self’ and gaining employment as a natural creative and non conformist was incredibly difficult. She set up The Ja Joint as a way of connecting to the true version of ‘self’ beyond the job that paid bills but destroys soul and human life force so quickly you could miss it If you were unaware. 

A natural cook, singer and entertainer the brand began as a food product brand and quickly developed into a musical and food experience company. Reaching out to other creatives in the food and music space she also realised they were struggling. Struggling to express themselves truly and because of their sensitive deposition they found conventional ‘work’ disrespectful and unfulfilling. Many people and cultures were unhappy and unemployed and not given an opportunity to showcase their excellence. 

My main driver is to provide amazing Jamaican products whilst providing empowerment through employment to marginalised groups. This stems from how I felt as a child and arriving in Australia. Getting to where I am today has taken a massive mind shift to my capabilities and why I am here. This message needs to be passed on.  Nothing makes me more happy than to extend this connection on to our customers and supporters. Connectivity is key and so is compassion. Businesses that lead with this mission will always win.  That I can say I am very proud of.

We are experiencing huge growth as we are combining great food with a great cause. We want all Australians to have easy access to authentic Jamaican food. We have created the best rubs, sauces and powders that truly reflect traditional Jamaican home cooking. Proudly utilising my Jamaican family’s recipes as a guide, The Ja Joint’s products are developed in a way that allows everyone to simply cook this amazing cuisine at home. To accompany our products we include a free recipes to ensure our customers get the most out of our products. Importantly, all of our products are made with the best Australian spices, herbs and produce and we support local growers. 

We are proud to be part of Good Spender campaign throughout xmas. A platform that hosts Australias best social enterprises and where your xmas shopping makes a difference this xmas. Our Jamaican kits include our best selling products, free recipes, hand signed welcome letter from Carly and a thank you note from Dico & Jennifer from Africare Community Services. Dico & Jennifer create our kits and you contribute to their paid employment when you purchase the kits.

You can buy our kits on our page on Good Spender website here free shipping campaign starts 11th & 12th December. 

Thanks for being part of our mission.  Carly x