Jamaican Beer Can Chicken Masterclass


This week the winner of Taste of Harmony competition Sundtee from Target Gold Coast had three hours learning how to cook Jamaican food using our products. One of the things I love most about doing cooking classes is learning about other people’s cultural background, and the exchange of knowledge and techniques  Sundtee’s background is Thai/Australian.

Jamaican Cooking Class
Jamaican Cooking Class #thejajointstyle

We shared some exchanges in recipes and stories of Thailand, I love Thai food, the sweat and cleansing experience you get from the full on fresh ingredients.

We started the class with a tradition of mine…

1. Pop on the beanie

2. Crank up the reggae

3. Open a beer

4. Start cooking

The best introduction I could give Sundtee so he could easily replicate Jamaican cooking using our Jamaican consulate certified products and recipes was to show him how to cook Jamaican Beer Can Chicken & Spiced Rice N Peas. Sooo easy and packed full of flavour, it’s a really good winter comfort dinner and great alternative to roast chicken.

The core ingredients; chicken, beer, The Ja Joint Jamaican Jerk Rub & Jamaican BBQ Sauce 

Jamaican Beer Can Chicken

Ingredients (4 people)

2 x 1.7kilo chickens

2 x 375ml Fosters

200g Jamaican Jerk Rub

330ml Jamaican BBQ Sauce

2 cups white rice

1.5 cups coconut cream

1 cup red kidney beans

2 x cloves garlic

1 hot chilli

Fresh thyme

1/2 lemon

2 carrots

1/4 red cabbage

1 red capsicum

Apple cider vinegar


Sugar, salt, pepper


Beer Can Chicken

  • Open beer cans and drink 1/3
  • Crank oven to 220 degrees
  • Rub oil all over chickens
  • Cover Jamaican Jerk Rub over entire chicken ( 6 tbl)
  • Place your chicken on top of the beer can so it sits over the entire can (insert in the cavity)
  • Place on baking tray, pop in oven for 1 hour
Jamaican Beer Can Chicken Masterclass
Jamaican Beer Can Chicken

Spiced Rice N Peas

  • After chicken has been in for 20 min start prepping your rice
  • Wash 2 cups of white rice until starch is out
  • Place in saucepan, with 1.5 cups coconut cream, 2 cups water, salt, pepper, 1/2 chilli and 2 cloves of garlic
  • Bring to boil, reduce heat lowest point, cover with lid, stir every 10 min
  • Rice should take 30/40 min
  • Once cooked, well seasoned place aside


  • Whilst rice and chicken is doing it’s thing get onto the slaw
  • Grate carrots, cut capsicum and red cabbage, mix together
  • Make tangy dressing, small amount apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and mayonnaise
  • Mix together ensuring it’s really light and tangy, dress slaw, put aside

Back to the chicken

  • After 1 hour it should be ready and smelling super awesome!
  • Bring out the chickens, cut near the leg to check it’s cooked (juices clear)
  • Baste Jamaican BBQ Sauce all over the chickens generously, this will give it a super sweet, spicy crispy skin
  • Pop back in for 5 min
Spiced Rice N Peas

Serve up the feast

  • Bring out the chickens, remove from beer cans ( you will need two people can be a tad tricky)
  • Place on a board, and break up the chickens into portions
  • Dress chicken with scrummy gravy in the tray, lemon, chilli and fresh thyme and serve on the board
  • Serve spiced rice N peas, slaw and Jamaican BBQ Sauce and you will be in heaven.

To make our Jamaican Feast using our products purchase our Jamaican Jerk Feast kit here. Enjoy!

Carly x

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