‘Lick ya lips’ Jamaican smoked meats


Smoked Meat Heaven – Jamaican Style

It has been a while since we have used the steel drum for BBQ’s and after tasting the food we made last night, I am fully addicted to this style of cooking again. It really is the best way to cook meats, fish e.t.c and it really doesn’t take that much effort. There is no comparison cooking on a standard BBQ plate or grill, regardless of if you use or products or not. You must all try this!!

Ok so not everyone has a steel drum, point taken. You can pick this up at bunnings pretty cheaply or as Jamie Oliver once showed you can just use an old biscuit tin over a gas cook top to get the same flavour and effect. You need to ensure that If there is paint on the tin you season it. Which means getting rid of all the toxins and paint, it is really important that you dont start using the smoker until this process has completed, which normally is a few hours.

Traditionally this is how all meat, fish is cooked in Jamaica, you will find steel drum cooking at restaurants, street food, homes, bascially anywhere. So here is how you make the best BBQ you have ever made you will need the following…


– Steel drum

– Firewood (redgum, dried palm fronds)

– Newspaper

– Hickory smoked chips

– Meat of the bone (chicken cut in half done the backbone) wings, pork, lamb,

– Fish

-Flavour bases to enhance the smoke flavour (optional) we used our Jamaican Jerk Rub as a base

– Dipping sauces (optional) we used our Jamaican BBQ Ginger Sauce & our Habanero Hot Sauce


–  Soak 1-2 cups of hickory smoked chips in water for 25 minutes

– Scrunch paper up into small balls and place in teh centre of your smoker

– Create a upward fort using your dry small bits of wood and start burning paper

– The wood will start buring when this has started firing, place the large logs of firewood in the smoker, keeping the lid down.

– Give it 40-50 until the flames have reduced

– Drain the hickory smoked chips form the water and place in the smoker

– Add the grill and start placing your favourite meats of fish on.

– Turn meat frequently to get even cooking. We found that using the chicken cut in half working really well for this.

– When cooked serve with your favourite sauces for an amazing taste experience!

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Jamaican smoked meats

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