Our products and brand are not just about connecting cultures through food. We are also about connecting marginalised multicultural youth through employment opportunities. We believe that all cultures need the same opportunties. We believe that in Australia this is a rarity. Launching our ‘Crew Member Development Ladder’ in November 2014 we are providing ‘real’employment opportunities to inexperienced marginalised multicultural youth in Brisbane. Our unique business model is based upon bit size chunk learning, trust and development in a safe and nuturing enviroment. Our new crew members start of by making our Jamaican food kits that you buy, they learn about Jamaican food and manufacturing then develop into distribution, food tasting at retailers, catering events and finally into retail sales and management.

This unique model stems from the founder Carly Day’s belief of regardless of your upbringing, education and status these entrepreneur skills can be taught. Opening up opportunities to these marginalised groups is the companys mission to empower and increase personal growth and progression for marginalisd multicultural youth of Australia.

We partner with community organisations that have access to the youth in need of opportunity and we provide that plalform. We are currently partnered with Africare Community Services in Brisbane and are proud to annouce two new crew members Dico and Jennifer. They arrived in Brisbane two months ago and found job opportunties almost impossible. Currently they produce our online and retail orders and we are training them on the art of Jamaican cooking.

We welcome Dico & Jennifer to the team!

If you are a community organisation and provide support for marginalised multicultural youth in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we would love to hear from you. If you have access to youths looking for great employment opportunties…..

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The Ja Joint Crew

 Carly, Dico & Jennifer