Jerk Chicken

Picture it: Jamaica. You think of sun, sand and surf, right? The breeze in your hair as you live up the island life? You start to smell something in the air, the breeze has brought it to you… and it smells delicious.

Since launching The Ja Joint, we’ve given you countless recipes that anybody can make with our delicious products in their kitchen and their own backyard. We even send out free recipes with all of our kits! But there are still those who ask us what exactly Jerk Chicken is… 

Well, I’d say it’s time we told you everything you needed to know about Jamaican Jerk Chicken!

Jerk Chicken is actually Jamaica’s most popular dish, although don’t think that jerk begins and ends with chicken. Jerk powder is a mix of quality spices and herbs that can then be used as a rub to flavor your food of choice. Jerk refers to the flavour, and you can jerk basically anything.

Chicken? Jerk it. Pork? Jerk it. Tofu? Jerk it!

Jamaican Jerk is enjoyed the world over and is noted for it’s distinct and spicy flavour. One of the best parts about Jerk Chicken, or whatever you choose to jerk up, is that there is no need to marinade! You get a powerful punch of flavour with plenty of spicy kick from just a rub, so not only is it delicious but it’s also a quick and easy meal.

The Ja Joint was voted by the Jamaican Consulate as the best Jamaican food in Australia, and that includes our own jerk rub that you can purchase from our site! All our products are made with love and come shipped for free, with some free recipes included to get you started.

Take home a taste of Jamaica and try it for yourself! A whole country simply cannot be wrong.

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