The Ja Joint!

Our brand stems from roots in St Ann, Jamaica, from where we draw on values of raising human vibrations through food, music and culture based entertainment. The Ja Joint elevates the mind, body and soul of clients by combining exceptional food from the best character chefs, with talented musicians and performers in Queensland, providing a heart-opening experience and a platform for our creatives to truly express their art.

Jamaican Food

Jamaican food is extremely addictive and highly unique. The flavours emanate from several countries of influence, with the most celebrated a complex blend of herbs and spices known as ‘Jerk’. All menus use our award-winning Jamaican bases and sauces, voted the best in Australia, which provide the tantalising foundation flavour The Ja Joint has become known for. We use only the freshest produce with all products made in Australia. They are 100% natural, containing no preservatives or additives, and we are very proud of this.

Live Entertainment

We work closely with a wide range of skilled artists, including underground talent from throughout Queensland. From tribal drummers, soulful bands, DJ’s, fire performers, dancers and poetry slammers who deliver inspiration that supports themselves, and communal artistry, without comprising on the artistic integrity of their gifts and pure passion. All events are hosted by our founder, Carly Day, who combines conscious conversation, musical entertainment and good-vibe Jamaican energy.

A Cultural Experience

Jamaican culture is inclusive of all people. All ages, backgrounds, social status and disposition. Jamaican culture is about combining all. Accepting all. Learning from all. This is truth. This is freedom.

Host Your Event

We service events from 50 to 2000 people. Our food, music and culture experiences are rooted in Jamaican imagination and expression, and based on love of people, food, music and providing a platform for us all to integrate. We work at client locations and at our retro warehouses located throughout Queensland.