Est. 1932

Our Story

The Ja Joint was founded in 2012 by social visionary, Carly Day, through a unique insight to fuse a passion for food, music, culture, and people. 
Carly created four base food products representing ‘The Taste of Jamaica’. The natural spice blends and sauces created in Queensland became a major hit in the Australian market, and achieved the no.1 ranking by the Jamaican Consulate of Australia. The aim was to provide a true reflection of Jamaican cuisine that was versatile and healthy. 
The Ja Joint’s private and public events grew from educationally food-focused, to incorporating music and performance by working closely with talented local musicians and soul-based creatives whose focus was to open hearts through expression of art in its purest form. 
The Ja Joint is responsible for delivering events that elevate the soul through taste, sound and vision. We have a strong passion for creativity, culture and conscious-raising experiences. We support local multicultural talent to impart a collective of raw art through food, music and performance.

Where it Began

The Ja Joint brand was born in the hills of St Ann, Jamaica, in 1932. Carly’s great-grandparents purchased agricultural land from a slave owner and transformed it into a vibrant farming operation. The farm produced traditional Jamaican staples such as plantain, ackee, taro, coconuts, oranges, and grazed goats and cattle. The farm’s produce became sought after throughout Jamaica for the following 50 years. 
After the death of Carly’s great-grandfather, all offspring moved to the United Kingdom (UK) to pursue a better life in the 1960’s. Carly grew up in the UK and at 22 years of age travelled to Australia in 2006. After falling in love with Australia and the people that call ‘Oz’ home, Carly now considers herself one of those lucky people. But is was alone in Australia with no family support network, and following a series of challenging life events, The Ja Joint was born.


In 2014, Carly had the opportunity to reunite with her family in the UK and visit her Jamaican roots for the first time. In typically private Jamaican fashion, the full extent of the family’s history of the farm was unknown to Carly whilst setting up The Ja Joint in Australia. En route to the farm in Jamaica to meet her great-grandma, aged 98, Carly was blown away to learn about the true creation and then stagnation of the farm since the death of her great-grandfather. The farm’s appearance, it’s fauna, completely mirrored the south-east Queensland hinterland, her adopted home. The original house foundations built by slaves was still visible. The highly emotional visit was consummated by meeting one of the pioneers of the farm, her great-grandmother. Carly returned ‘home’ with a newfound sense of direction and commitment to continue the family’s heritage, but here in Australia. To open up the hearts of Australians through incredible food, music and cultural experiences…The Ja Joint style!

Years Combined Experience

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